MMIS Mission

  • Mission
  • Imbibing the wisdom of ages, in the midst of nature, peace and harmony.
  • Passionate believers in tradition and heritage.
  • Sensitive to human issues and environmental concerns.
  • Learning by enquiry, exploring and experience, rather than by rote.
  • Mastering technology by harnessing it for everyday applications.
  • Learning to cope with life, its crests and troughs.
  • Aiming for success, unbowed in failure.
  • Create an institution of excellence that integrates knowledge and learning in a continuous process.
  • Mould better human beings.
  • Strive to build a better world.
  • Rooted in Tradition, ready for the future.

We believe that learning should be a passionate, interactive process where children are allowed to explore and evolve objectively. It should be one where they are provided their own space to express their opinions and think independently. This can only be possible when parents and teachers exercise their responsibility judiciously.

A teacher at Emerald Heights is much more than a source of wisdom and knowledge. Leader and motivator, friend and a guide, role model and mentor. Attending regular and extended teacher training programmes in India and overseas. To update and continuously realign subject content and pedagogy.

Like teachers in school, parents also play an instrumental role in the educational growth of their wards. It calls for commitment and sincerity at both ends. Regular Parent-Teacher meetings at the school aim specifically towards making their relationship more transparent and strong. It provides an insight to understanding child psychology and family the student belongs to. Seminars, workshops and talks by eminent educationists and psychologists, help both, parents and teachers to make sure that students develop the right way. In atmosphere of affection, warmth, trust and togetherness.